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Relationship Maintenance

posted Mar 8, 2013, 2:13 PM by Bruce Cowper-Smith
Some men seem to hope they can find a relationship that requires no maintenance.  Much like having a battery in ones car that works until it dies, such "no maintenance" relationships just don't need any attention.  I believe the no maintenance relationship is a myth.  In my experience all relationships require some work.  Sometimes most of the work is done by the woman.  In these situations, the one doing most of the work may eventually become tired and resentful.  They may complain.  They may demand some increased effort on the part of their spouse.  They may even threaten to leave.  At that point a man may decide the effort just isn't worth it and they may move on to another person who appears to require no maintenance.  This is usually very unfortunate and short sighted.  Putting effort into something shows we value that thing more.  When we put effort into our relationships, we are more likely to also benefit as it causes us to learn and to grow.  Men who just walk away, often remain immature and irresponsible.  As time goes on they find it harder and harder to find anyone who wants to be with them, because they have become very selfish, self centered, and inconsiderate.  Doing relationship maintenance doesn't just make men better husbands, it makes them better men.