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The advantages of counselling over medication

posted Mar 10, 2010, 1:09 PM by Bruce Cowper-Smith
Often, when someone seeks help with anxiety or depression, some form of medication is recommended.  While it is true that medications can reduce symptoms, there are some very good reasons not to take pills.  Many of my clients don't want to take pills.  The truth is that pills don't solve the problems that got a person anxious or depressed in the first place.  This means a person could become dependent on pills to relieve symptoms, but the problems never change.  On the other hand, counselling deals directly with the problems.  People rarely get dependent on counselling, because good counselling helps people get stronger in their ability to solve lifes problems.  And once the problems are solved, the anxiety or depression usually goes away.  Counsellling helps people take charge of their lives in ways that pills can't.  So, if your physician thinks you are depressed and suggests medications,  ask if counselling could be a better option.